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· How to achieve the functions of reading cards and taking photos?2017-12-29

· Abnormal situation of TCP/IP communications2017-12-29

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· Does the RS485 passive communication converter need to install the driver?2017-12-29

· Does the RS485 passive communication converter have circuit connection wrong protection?2017-12-29

· RS485 passive communication converter, how many device can be connected with one total line2017-12-29

· How many device can be connected by one RS485 total line?2017-12-29

· What is the role of door sensor signal in access control?2017-12-29

· The usage of emergency unlock jey and break glass button, how to wiring?2017-12-29

· Why is it recommended to use low temperature lock on access high frequency situation?2017-12-29

· The strengths and weaknesses of ACCESSS database and SQL database2017-12-29

· What's the problems need to noted when install Electric RFID Lock?2017-12-29

· Difference between FCL-918M RFID lock and FCL-989M RFID lock2017-12-29

· Add remote controller of Electric RFID Lock?2017-12-29

· Does the RFID lock can control the cards validity date?2017-12-29

· Can achieve some cards open all doors when use many Electric RFID Lock2017-12-29

· Power requirements while install Electric RFID Lock2017-12-29

· How to add the remote controller of FCL-988M 2017-12-29

· One card one database and three platform2017-12-29

· Online Patrol2017-12-29

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· The method of how to judge the line abnormal or not2017-12-29

· How to solve the delay problem of photo taking2017-12-29

· Cloud platform statistics function2017-12-29

· What language does FCARD3500 Access control system software develop?2017-12-29

· Prompt doesn't have voice database after software opened2017-12-29

· How to connect to SQL server by the external network?2017-12-29

· Hello, we want to issue many cards, how should we operate?2017-12-29

· The card flashback function of access control board 2017-12-29

· Preview encryption before IC card initialization, can you unlock this internal protocol? Some guys say it's a dynamic password. 2017-12-29

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· Access Control Reader Reading Distance2016-12-23

· How To Operate Phone Alarm Link To Main Engine For FC-8800 Series Access Controller2016-12-23

· How To Operate Anti-thefts Link To Main Engine Actively For FC-8800 Series Access Controller2016-12-23

· What Is The Difference Between FC-918E, FC-918H And FC-918HE2016-12-23

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· The Mortise Lock Can’t Work?2016-12-23

· Network Cable Connect Electric Lock To Controller2016-12-23

· The Lock Tongue Slip Slowly After Installed FC-198E Machine With Electricity2016-12-23

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