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· Hello, may I ask how your FC-198E connect the electric mortise lock with electric closing type?2017-12-28

· Does your access controller FC-198E supports to collect the cards automatically?2017-12-28

· How does the FC-198E access controller realize the opening time warning?2017-12-28

· Is the FC-198E access controller equipped with wireless remote control?2017-12-28

· How many sets of open door password can the FC-198E system can be added?2017-12-28

· How does the FC-198E access controller add the cards quickly?2017-12-28

· How to operate normally open electric lock of FC-198E access controller?2017-12-28

· How to set the alarm function of FC-198E?2017-12-28

· How can I copy the data of FC-198E ?2017-12-28

· The function of integral lock alarm 2017-12-28

· Hello, how does your software import personnel data into software?2017-12-28

· Why FC-918E can not read so many cards?2017-12-28

· Can FC-918 be serial number? How many copies can you send?2017-12-28

· Can building 12V-3A access control power be connected to buildings and access?2017-12-28

· The difference between FC-098 and FC-1982017-12-28

· The FC-8900 series supports two computers to control at the same time.2017-12-28

· FC-S02E access controller forgot password, unable to add card2017-12-28

· Hello, may I ask how you can connect your FC-198E and the electrical interlock?2017-12-28

· Hello, FCARD3500 one-card management system, whether it can support BS query personnel data?2017-12-28

· How do I initialize a management password?2017-12-28

· Methods for troubleshooting of access control2017-12-28

· The solution about OK key of the access control machine always bright status 2017-12-28

· We are looking for large capacity access controller2017-12-28

· The IC access machine cannot read the card.2017-12-28

· Open the door with automatic registration function2017-12-28

· How to delete uncollected cards?2017-12-28

· Prevent the user from randomly pressing the door of the door password2017-12-28

· The independent access control machine can view the data in and out of the data2017-12-28

· Problem of access control compatibility2017-12-28

· The access machine cannot add cards2017-12-28

· There are multiple front door problems of video door phone2017-12-28

· Simple fingerprint entry mode for multiple fingerprint access control machines2017-12-28

· The controller can be managed by a wide area network2017-12-28

· Fire alarm and burglar alarm function2017-12-28

· Option of FCARD series access controller network2017-12-28

· Can the card reader with the password keyboard manage the current access control?2017-12-28

· The access control controller does not work2017-12-28

· Abnormal communication of RS4852017-12-28

· The number of access control devices that the RS485 network bus can connect to2017-12-28

· Whether the hotel installation elevator controller can realize One-Card?2017-12-28

· The elevator controller is connected with the building2017-12-28

· The implementation of the offline elevator controller2017-12-28

· How many elevator card reader can the elevator controller connect?2017-12-28

· No wiring can be used to set a single device for the card2017-12-28

· Control card problems of offline series 2017-12-28

· The use of offline card issuer2017-12-28

· The application of FC-2882M embedded offline access control board2017-12-28

· Does your access controller FC-198E supports to collect the cards automatically?2017-12-28

· Why did the FC-1882M import setting card with the noise of tick, and fail to write the setting card?2017-12-28

· Why did the FC-2882M import setting card successfully but fail to open the door ?2017-12-28

· The use of data stick2017-12-28

· Can the FC-1882M use the password to open the door?2017-12-28

· Use your offline serial access control devices whether the id card can issue the card offline or not?2017-12-28

· Adjust the lock time2017-12-28

· A solution about the swiping card lock appears the spring bolt without locking and having the noise of beep.2017-12-28

· Questions about FCL-988M swiping card integral lock adds a single - key remote control2017-12-28

· Can the different types of devices use 3500T one-card management software to realize online management at the same time?2017-12-28

· Whether the door ban supports the cost function of the consumption system?2017-12-28

· Questions about card reader wiring LED and BEEP2017-12-27

· Parking lot, three-roll brake, wing brake, RS485 communication integrated wiring diagram2017-10-26

· The elevator access controller adopts TCP/IP communication to achieve a wide area network (cross-network segment link) wiring diagram2017-10-26

· The parking lot system use TCP/IP communication to achieve a wide area network (cross-network segment link) wiring diagram.2017-10-26

· The MC-5812T single door access controller adopts TCP/IP communication to achieve a wide area network (cross-network segment link) wiring diagram2017-10-26

· One-Card comprehensive system structure diagram2017-10-26

· The installation of radio frequency access control card reader should pay attention to this problem.2017-10-26

· What should be noted when installing the electric mortise lock?2017-10-26

· Does the FC-898E mental access controller have the electric lock normally open function?2017-10-26

· Can the FC-898E mental access controller supports password to open the door?2017-10-26

· How do I change the administrator password about the FC-898E mental access controller?2017-10-26

· How does the FC-198E access controller achieve card + password to enter the door?2017-10-26

· The layout of the RS485 bus2017-10-26

· What Is The Maximum Storage For FC-198E, Does It The Same As The Passwords And Cards' Storage?2016-12-22

· Hello, I Purchase FC-988M In Your Company2016-12-22

· How To Exit Alarm Function Similar To FCL-918E/M Electric Lock2016-12-22

· FCL - S02E Copy Card Swipe One Time And Did Not Use It Anymore?2016-12-22

· How to Change Password For FC-098E2016-12-22

· How To Delete The Intelligent Key I Lost For FCL-198E2016-12-22

· How To Operate Admin Card For FC-198E2016-12-22

· FC-098E2016-12-22

· How To Copy The Storage Date For FC-103E 2016-12-22

· How To Add And Delete Card Quickly For FC-103E2016-12-22

· FC-898E Machine Support Encryption Function?2016-12-22

· How To Modify Open Delay Time For FC - 198E machine?2016-12-22

· How To Achieve Add And Delete Cards Quickly?2016-12-22

· How To Set The Timeout Prompt For FC-198E2016-12-22

· FC-198E Machine Has The Wireless Remote Control Function?2016-12-22

· How Many Password We Can Add For FC-198E2016-12-22

· How To Add Card Quickly For FCL-198E Machine2016-12-22

· How To Set Access Normal Open For FC-198E?2016-12-22

· FC-198E machine have Anti prevention Open Password Setting?2016-12-22

·  FC-198E Machine Alarm Function2016-12-22

· How To Copy The Storage Date Of FC-198E 2016-12-22

· Electric Control Lock Alarm Function2016-12-22

· Excuse Me, Would You Please Tell Me How To Imported The Personnel Data In Batch Into The Software2016-12-22

· FC - 918 Can Not Induct Many Cards?2016-12-22

· FC - 918 Can Registered The Self Serial Number Cards? How Many Numbers We Can Registered?2016-12-22

· 12 v - 3A Power Supply Can Wire The Building And Access Control At the Same Time?2016-12-22

· Whether The FC - 8900 Series Support Two Computers Operation At The Same Time2016-12-22

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