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Guangzhou Fcard Electronics Co., Ltd. (The following will call for a short as "Fcard Electronics"), our headquarters is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. We are a powerful company, which completely focus on research , production and sales with the high-tech. As a pioneer in research of access control system in China, we has been developed Access Control Systems, Time Attendance Systems, POS Systems, Guard Tour Systems, Kindergarten Access Control Systems, Turnstile and Parking Lot Systems. In nearly years, Our products are widely used in police station, prisons, banks, communities, factories, schools, hospitals, offices, other military and civilian areas, and we also provide the industry system solutions for users.

At present, Fcard Electronics research&development team have created "one card system and one database integrated with three powerful platform" and it is achieve a number of technical achievements, which have the independent intellectual property rights of the unique decoding technology, data analysis technology and efficient algorithm,etc. because of them,we award lots of national patents for inventions, software patents, product design. Our company has appointed as Public Security Technology Prevention on Association governing units in Guangdong Province, acquiring the Community Top 10 Access Control System Brand and was endowed “re-contact and trustworthy company” honorary title in Guangdong Province.

Fcard Electronics now has many brand trademark such as FCARD, Xian Card, MICROPOWER, etc. With the principles of keeping pace with times , highly sensitive, safe and stable design , we independently research for more than 300 products, and also obtained the ISO9001 certification and public security certification. Among them, the core product High-End Access control Board each technical index are ahead of other companies, which are satisfied with all kinds of the basic needs of customers. We strive to be more excellence, to precede others and better than others. With the powerful function system and the stability of the hardware facilities, making the Fcard series products stand firmly in the market and meeting their favors.

In recent years, with the systematic of Fcard Electronics product and customized of OEM products by self-service, our company sales is increasing year after year and the stable rising of the market share. We even sale to the overseas, such as in Europe and the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries. Fcard Electronics have a number of offices all over the China,such as in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing as the stronghold to influence all over the country. Strong and perfect after-sales service team, professional technical team, stable and efficient product performance, good reputation from the users, they all make the Fcard electronics become the model in the industry.

Since the establishment of the company, Fcard Electronics always adhere to the people-oriented 、provide high quality concept and put stability, safety and efficiency as target. We are making effort to improve the quality of products and services as the driving force, building national brands, promoting peaceful China, creating knowledge city, serve the economic and social, protecting people's livelihood and security.

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