How many ways to identify QR Code Card Reader?
2019-03-07 10:06

The times are advancing, and with the booming mobile Internet, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our lives. The QR Code Card Reader came into being. It is an innovative developer in the security market and an important device for the QR code access control system. So how many recognition methods does a QR Code Card Reader support? The following small series will tell you about its story!

How many ways to identify QR Code Card Reader?

Looking back at the development of the access control system, intelligence is its development direction, making the security market more dynamic, from the traditional door lock to the community smart access control system, from the initial password and credit card to more secure biometric identification. This is not the result of innovation and development. Behind this development trend, we can easily find that the development of technology has made the user's painful needs constantly solved. Similarly, people have proposed more convenient equipment and become the basis for innovation and expansion in the security market. The QR Code Card Reader has become more practical and convenient.

When it comes to the benefits of the QR code access control system, when we understand it in depth, we will find that it is based on user experience innovation, so it is also favored and supported by many users. QR code Card Reader is also easy to use the access control system in our daily life.

QR Code reader

Today, the QR code access control system has become more versatile from the initial ease of use, but it is equally easy to use. How many ways to identify QR Code Card Reader? As the name suggests, the QR code access control system, first combined with the QR Code Card Reader, can be combined with other access control devices to form an access control system, similar to a traditional card reader. It recognizes bar code-based, extended to two-dimensional code or higher identification code; for example, the FCARD brand two-dimensional code access control reader. It can be seen from the label of the device that it can identify the identification method of the QR code, IC card, mobile phone NFC, ID card, and CPU card. Of course, it seems to support so many ways of identification, behind which there needs to be technical support such as chips. FCARD QR Code Card Reader

Dual-core 1G university image processor with resolution of 640*480 pixels. It adopts automatic sensing mode, which can quickly read valid QR code, support USB support and RS485 output, making it compatible with most access controllers on the market. One of the QR Code Card Readers, which is compatible with the 86 back box, is in line with the user experience. The user upgrades the two-dimensional code access control from the traditional access control, and only needs to replace the original card reader with the two-dimensional code access control card compatible with the 86 bottom box to complete the upgrade, thereby reducing the installation cost for the user.

The QR code supports multiple recognition methods, not only the QR code, but also the traditional IC card, CPU card, and mobile phone NFC. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can also use the more convenient QR code access control system.

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