Wiring diagram for 'Electric RFID Lock'
2019-03-04 14:01

If the development of technology brings social and economic development, then Electric RFID Lock brings a more secure service to rental houses. When it comes to renting a house, almost every student who just came out to work will feel the same. For Beishangguang, due to the imbalance between urban construction and economic development, the product of “village in the city” appeared in the process of urban development.

City Development

The city's infrastructure is constantly improving. The residents living in the city or foreign workers pay more attention to the safety of the living environment. The setting of the card lock has brought a security “defense line” to the urban rental house. This measure has promoted the city. Security, improve the safety and reasonable management of migrant workers from urban rental housing.

For many rental house managers, Electric RFID Lock is no stranger. In order to facilitate the management of rental houses and the safety of rental houses and households, Electric RFID Lock has become a must-have security electronic device for rental houses, so many for card locks. The wiring comes from the on-site guidance and work of the producer. Today we will introduce the application of Electric RFID Lock.

1. The appearance of the card lock: The card lock acts as a “security” for the rental house, which serves to isolate the random entry of outsiders and give people who live in the rental house a sense of security.

2. Electric RFID Lock's door switch connection diagram: In order to facilitate the use and fire management, the general rental house's card lock needs to access the 12v power supply.

Wiring diagram of Electric RFID Lock

3. Wiring and communication methods of the card lock: In the rental house, sometimes the door and multi-building access control is faced, so the demand for unified management will also become larger, through the parallel method of management. To achieve the control of multiple door locks.

4. A variety of ways to control the management of Electric RFID Lock: For the management of some similar factories and office buildings, it can be managed in a variety of ways. In the security-based technology, a wide range of fire and alarm linkages can be carried out through communication lines.

For rental housing, Electric RFID Lock is a convenient management for urban construction and a “protection” for urban construction.

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