What does the network logo in the communication protocol mean
2017-03-10 10:59
Details of the problem:

Hello, we have combined your company's system to develop a cloud one card pass platform, now we analyze your communication protocol and want to know what the network signs in your access control, elevator, guard tour, consumption, water controller and other communication protocols mean?

Expert answer:

Hello, thank you for your support, our network logo is used to identify the sequence number of the command, the sequence number and the information code in the return value command always indicate that the command returns correctly to prevent the command return value and the command content from being mismatched, for example, send command A, before the controller responds, send command B, the controller A command fails to receive the command, B command returns success, then you can determine the command returned by the controller is the command sent according to the information code in the return value A is still the command sent B

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