How to Change the Administrator Password of FC-898E Metal Access Controller?
2016-11-08 16:18
Details of the problem:

Hello, we have selected your company’s FC-898E metal access controller, the device has been activated normally, but the operation process of the device is not very proficient, may I ask the administrator password can’t be changed, or it can be changed, how to operate?Can you provide a method of operation? Thank you

Expert answer:

Hello, the default administrator of the FC-898E metal access controller is: 1234, you can modify a group of administrator passwords you want, you can do this by:

1. Enter the management status: (0*+ default administrator password#)

2. Modify the administrator password: (1* new password# + password 4-6 digits; if the new password is 88888, press 1*88888# first, and you must enter 0*88888# again for confirmation to take effect)  Note: Administrator password It can only be a group.

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