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FC-361E/M Metal Keyboard Access Controller
FC-361 metal keyboard access controller is specially designed for electric locks and safety protection systems. It adopts a unique metal shell design, smart keyboard panel operation, built-in high-end microprocessor, and its anti-interference ability, safety and reliability both are extremely high, and can self-diagnose and protect themselves to ensure that the system works safely and effectively.

FC-361 metal keyboard access controler  has a keyboard self-locking function. The user can set the number of keyboard errors and preset the keyboard self-locking time, which can effectively prevent others from detecting the password to open the door; anti-dismantling alarm function, that is, disassembling the device under working conditions , The access control will trigger an alarm and output a prompt tone and an illegal door opening report.

Product Introduction


FC-361E/M Metal Keyboard Access Control

FC-361E/M Metal Keyboard Access Controller is designed for electric door locks and security systems, uses unique metal shell design, flexible keyboard operation, build in high-grade micro-processor and it has anti-interference ability, security and reliability are very high with function of self diagnosis and self-protection, supports to unlock by card (including EM card, EM compatible card, EM format encryption card), password, card + password. It can set the programming on the keyboard, do not need computer, easy to operate.

FC-361 Metal Keyboard Access Controller has keyboard self-locking function, and user can set the keyboard input error times and preset the keyboard self locking time to prevent others detect the password. Tamper alarm function, remove the device in the working status, it will alarm output and sound. Illegal door opening alarm function, the device detects abnormal door opening through the door sensor switch signal, and the door sensor will trigger an alarm and output a prompt sound. After the door sensor is installed, this function is automatically activated. The access control can store up to 10,000 sets of door opening data information (including proximity card opening data, password opening data, proximity card + password opening data), and all stored information will not be lost due to power failure. At the same time, it supports doorbell output and can be equipped with wired doorbells Use (see the structure diagram of the metal access control system below for details).

The keyboard access controller is powerful and easy to install. It is an ideal access control system device used in offices, homes, computer rooms.

Product Parameters

Admin Card: Support

Data Backup: Support

Wireless Remote Controller: Support

Alarm Output: Support

Offline Use: Support

Issuing Device: Keyboard、Admin card

Size: 133.3×45×19.2mm

System Function

Common Function

Professional Function

New Function

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