FCARD5000T Consumption Management System Upgrade Notice
2018-08-09 10:42

FCARD5000T Consumption Management System Upgrade Notice

The FCARD5000T consumption management system is upgraded. After the upgrade, the system changes are as follows:

FCARD5000T Ver7.32 Smart Consumer Management System Upgrade and Changes:

1. Increase the small wallet function to facilitate two sets of amount management modes.

2. Optimize the speed of offline subsidy collection.

3. Optimize the consumption points function.

4. Add data import function of other old consumer systems.

5. Add the function of importing personnel information and automatic matching card.

6. Increase the surcharge function.

7. Optimize wrong deduction and refund function (30 minutes to 10 days optional).

8. Optimize card discount function.

9. Optimize card discount function.

10. Optimize the machine discount function.

11. Optimize the subsidy method model.

12. Optimize the upper limit function of subsidy balance.

13. Optimize the discount and surcharge interface.

14. Solve the calculation of today's turnover.

15. Optimize the management system and data cleaning function.

16. Optimize the card recharge verification function.

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