What are the types of Metal RFID Card Readers?
2019-01-22 16:34

What are the types of Metal RFID Card Reader? With the advancement of technology, various design styles of Metal RFID Card Reader products have gradually enriched our security market. In many Metal RFID Card Readers, there are only two types of classification, one is a contact card reader, and the other is a contactless card reader.

What are the types of Metal rfid card reader

In the access control system, the Metal RFID Card Reader has always been an indispensable part, and its existence allows users to perform a series of operations such as swiping, reading, verifying, and opening the door. Let's take a look at it. According to the distance, it is divided into a contact card reader. This type of card reader requires the user to insert the card into the card reader for card reading. It has a higher security level, but due to its cumbersome operation, Not suitable for the user's experience, all its application scope is also limited.

For the non-contact Metal RFID Card Reader, it is the mainstream device in the security access control market. Users only need to perform card swipe operation at a specified distance. This RF-based product is not only in the access control system. The field has also been applied on a large scale in parking lots and other occasions. It solves the problem of passive and contactless, and is a breakthrough in the field of card technology.

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Metal RFID Card Reader, in the type of card reading, can be divided into IC card reader and ID card reader. IC card reader communicates with PC through USB interface, and can also communicate via RS485 or TCP/IP. The port communicates, which supports access to all functions of the RF card. The ID card reader is used to read the ID card. The Metal RFID Card Reader supports plug and play. No external power supply is required, and the user does not need to load any driver.

Knowing the type of Metal RFID Card Reader can help us choose the type of reader that suits us and provide a running device for the access control system.

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