Access Control System wiring fault repair method
2018-12-22 14:19

As a standard security product configuration for residential communities, Access Control System has been well known in recent years. Access Control System has more and more functions, higher technical thresholds, more and more complex systems, and higher reliability. How should we maintain the Access Control System?

Access Control System wiring fault repair method

If the user cannot unlock the access control, first check the power of the access control, the connection of the door to the lock is good, check whether the unlocking line is connected, the general push type system is 2 lines, the digital type is 3 lines, and the lock line for the electronic lock is 2 Core wire, it is recommended to use 0.5 square millimeters of cover wire.

Solution: First connect the transmission line correctly according to the wiring diagram, and you can use the password unlock mode to lock the test in the field. If the lock can be opened, it is normal to prove that the door to the locked channel is working.

Access Control System

If the abnormal wiring of the access control is not connected to other problems. Some users can't open the lock. The general problems mainly appear in three aspects: line, indoor expansion, floor platform. First, you need to check which extensions are available. Do not unlock to see if there is a bad connection. Secondly, consider the quality failure of the indoor unit, replace the same type of indoor extension test, and test it by the indoor unit of other users of the unit. Finally, floor floor failures should be considered. The same floor platform was tested.

In short, the Access Control System's wiring through the troubleshooting method to troubleshoot the basic problems before you can find a solution.

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