The problem of equipment about the FC-7012E video door phone intercom.
2017-10-26 10:33
Details of the problem:

I bought you a batch of FC-7012 video door intercom, now need to consult for the installation of the equipment. How many this type of equipment host and extension can it be connected? And what kind of lock can it be connected? How to arrange the circuit? What’s the request for wire rod? What’s the biggest distance indoor machine to host ?

Expert answer:

1. The FC-7012E video intercom door control system generally supports an indoor machine. If you want to connect multiple indoor machines to a door machine, you should add the expansion board (up to 3 more).

2.FC-7012E video door intercom supports: electrical interlock, magnetic lock, electric control lock, cathode lock and mute lock.

3.If you arrange the circuit of FC-7012E, please according to the weak current engineering standards to arrange the wiring, it needs to be covered with metal pipe, wire, and adopt standard wire rod, separately arrange with 220V high voltage wire so that it can guarantee the voice and video quality of FC-7012E.

4.The largest length of FC-7012E is 100 meters.

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