Hello, We Are Docking Your Access Controller, But We Meet The 0 x7F Problems
2017-03-09 11:49
Details of the problem:

We now want to docking your access controller into our software, but now, we meet 0 x7F data and communication terminators after the same lead to communication disorder. And we call inquiries that realize there is a transcoding here, please provide the specific way for our reference. thank you.

Expert answer:

Hello, We are very glad to cooperate with your company, thank you for using our products

About your company encountered in the process of secondary development of communication 0 x7F, 0 x7F is used as a mark of communication start and end. If it appear in your communication, we require to translation to avoid we treat as end mark.When you write code in this, please refer to the following decoding


Due to the command used 0 x7E as command of beginning and ending logo, so 7E the digit can't appear in the command's content , it can only appear in the command of head and tail.

Transcoding is as follows:

0 x7F 01 = 0 x7E

0 x7F 02 = 0 x7F

Decoding using place, before sending the command, you should test and calculate the command, and then check 0 x7E and 0 x7F data. If you found the 0 x7E or 0 x7F, and then convert the above formula, after receiving the command, you should anti-translation check and inspection date according to the above formula.

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