Hotel Lock With TM Card
This type of hotel TM card door lock is economical and good for management.

The smart lock applies to hotels, foreign hotels, tourist resorts, intelligent buildings, intelligent residential, apartments and many other occasions. Smart lock using the Mifare card to open the door. It is beauty, simple and fashion.

Product Introduction

Hotel Lock With TM Card

The smart lock applies to hotels, foreign hotels, tourist resorts, intelligent buildings, intelligent residential, apartments and many other occasions. Smart lock using the Mifare card to open the door. It is beauty, simple and fashion.

Main functions:

MP - 2000 radio frequency card hotel lock, open the door card can selected, time limit, emergency, channel, portfolio management, MP - 2000 rf card hotel lock can stored within the unlock card information, including the card types, date and time; Adopt a variety of ways such as limit, regular, limited to cancel the door open function, the room can perform the function of don't disturbed, exquisite hidden inner mechanical lock core to ensure foolproof.


Performance Specifications: built-in real-time clock

Power Source: DC6V, adopt 4 section 5 alkaline batteries

Current: < 8 mu A

The working current: < 220 mA

Battery life: over 5000 open times in normal circumstances

Open time: within 6 seconds after the card

Undervoltage instruction: when undervoltage read card has "di di" prompt, while still able to unlock 100 times

Inside the lock record: latest 240 records

Applicable: 35 to 60 mm wood door, fire door, the door thick edge width is not more than 112 mm (5 tongue standard lock core, spring lock)

Environmental Requirements: 5-60 degrees temperature

Humidity: 10% to 95%, no corrosive gas and dust

Door Card:

Contact encryption IC card

Light touch encryption (TM) card

Non-contact induction IC card

Applicable occasions:

TM card lock can be satisfied with: hotel, guesthouse and hotel rooms, etc.

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