• Access control power box
FC-905 Access control power box
FC-905 Access control power box is specifically designed for the access power supply.

FC-905 Access control power box AC210-230V working voltage, access power supply maximum output is 12V5A working voltage, built-in UPS backup power supply management circuit and unlock delay circuit. Relay normally opened and normally closed output, can support various electric lock.

Product Introduction

Access control power box

FC-905 Access Control Power Box

FC-905 Access Control Power Box is specifically designed for the access control power supply. FC-905 support AC210-230V working voltage, access control power supply maximum output is 12V5A working voltage, built-in UPS backup power supply management circuit and unlock delay circuit (0-15 seconds adjustable). Relay normally opened and normally closed output, can support various electric lock. The access power supply is absolutely use high-grade electronic components, advanced international technology manufacturing process, the quality is reliability.

Access control power box


Adopt multi pole insurance design.

Access control power box Built in dual voltage DC12V output.

Support PUSH- drive unlock.

Support relay switching control output.

Built-in adjustable knob lock delay 0-15 seconds.

Photoelectric isolation input unlock, support all kinds of building intercom.

UPS battery management, support 12V7.2Ah battery.

support two groups working indicator, working instruction and battery instructions.


1. Access control power box AC input:220V/50HZ, DC Output:regulated 12V, the standard output current 3A/5A;

2. The direct control of the electronic locks, access control can reduce the load, interference, save project wiring, reducing failure risks;

3. Set NO/NC (normally open/ normally closed)interface,can control various types of electronic locks;

4. Set time delay circuit,lock time can be adjusted in the 0-15 seconds;

5. Automatic protection function,causing a short circuit when the circuit accident occurs, Access control power box will be temporarily disconnected or burning fuse;

6. Remote control,remote control module can be inserted using the remote control to open the door remotely.(Remote from Leaving Wide ground without interference of 80 meters)

Access control power box Size:

Dimensions:205mmH x 165mmWx 74mmD(large box)

180mmL x 80mmW x 60mmH (small box)

Cabling Instructions:

1-2: Regulated output DC12V,1 positive, 2 negative.

2-3: Open button connection terminal can be connected to switch output(relay output).

3-4: Low-frequency signal output, connected to access controller signal lines.

4-5: NO -GND, normally open no power output, trigger output DC12V-17V, 4 positive 5 negative.

5-6: NC -GND, normally closed output DC12V-17V, triggering power outages, 6 are positive, 5 negative.

6-7: The high-frequency signal output, on the positive lock.

7-8: Connect the host building intercom lock signal input interface, 7L +, 8 of L - + 8, - 9 for the building intercom unlock signal, L +, L - input port, or as high as + 8 radio frequency input, - 9 is low frequency input(this only C plate).

Wiring Diagram:

Access control power box Wiring Diagram


FC-905 Access control power box is suitable for office, buildings, school dormitories, telecom rooms and other places. The access power supply supports NO, NC relay output and UPS management, support 0 to 15 seconds unlock delay adjustable time, can meet mostly host requirements. This access power supply is applied to the building intercom, and kinds of access controller, particularly suitable for driving electric locks.

Access Power Supply

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Access control power box

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