• Electromechanical Silent Lock
FCL-205 Electromechanical Silent Lock
FCL-205 Silent Lock low noise, long service life, power saved, convenient installation.It is not necessary to identify door direction.

Silent Lock with automatic detection function lock state, misoperation automatic correction, the lock open close the high sensitivity, the lock has the advantages of low noise, safety and reliability etc.

Product Introduction

Silent Lock

Silent Lock combine the virtues of electric rim lock and electromagnetic lock,overcome the loud noise of electric rim lock and high power consumption of electromagnetic lock.

Electric Control Lock They are widely used in building intercom system,access control system. Various opening methods:access control,intercom,remote control,ID card,key etc.

Product Parameters

Working Voltage: 10-18VDC

Power On Time: 0.25s

Unlock Time: 200,000

Power line resistance: <1.5 ohm

Working Current: 900mA

Humidity: 0-95%

Holding Force:300-380kg

Working Temperature: - 20 - 60℃

Environment: -40℃~80℃

Can compatible with building access control system

Can used with building intercom and access control system

Automatically detects the door, automatic processing to open closed;  

Can be installed on the left door, right door, inside door and outside door, etc

Not to enter after the lock or unlock, door locks about 9 seconds;         

Voltage dc12v - dc18v, starting current is less than 350 ma, the standby current is less than 25 ma, unlock time 1 s;     

Life (greater than 500000), on/off, high sensitivity on/off, low power consumption;

Using Range: applicable to all kinds of door;

The length of the lock tongue > 20 mm, meet GA 5.1.6 b/t73-94 standard;  

Wiring Diagram:

Electric Door Lock Wiring Diagram

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