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FCL-15AC/AO Standard Electric Strike Lock
Electric Strike Lock working range is smaller, usually used for the wooden door.

Electric Strike Lock It adopts embedded installation with beautiful appearance. The electromagnetic part is made of high quality magnetic material and special technology, which can work for a long time without producing residual magnetism, and ensure normal operation and use. 

Product Introduction

Electric Strike Lock

The working principle of the Electric Strike Lock is similar to the Anode lock (Electric Bolt Lock). Compared with the cathode lock and anode lock, the cathode lock's working range is smaller, usually used for the wooden door. The cathode lock is the accessory product of the access control system. It is installed on the doorframe and used for locking the mechanical lock tongue. At present, FC series of cathode locks can be widely used in office buildings, wooden doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, residential entrance doors. Normally, the strike lock mostly is unlock when energized, suitable for one-way wooden door. We recommend used with UPS power supply if install it, because the cathode lock is locked when didn't have power.

It adopts embedded installation with beautiful appearance. The electromagnetic part is made of high quality magnetic material and special technology, which can work for a long time without producing residual magnetism, and ensure normal operation and use. It uses the high hardness stainless steel card tongue, bears the impact pressure: 250KG

Product Parameters

Working Voltage: DC12V

Humidity: -10 to 25℃

Tongue Material: stainless steel, polishing treatment

Anti-pressure: 1800KG

Weight: 0.4KG

Size: 150Lx39.5Wx28Hmm

Current: 450mA(AO Type is unlock when energized), 200mA(AC Type is lock when energized)

Quality assurance: cathode lock series products, providing two years quality assurance

Note: FCL-15AO is unlock when energized, lock when didn't energized. FCL-15AC is lock when energized, unlock when didn't energized.

Wiring Diagram:

Electric Strike Lock Wiring Diagram

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