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FCL-60KG Single Door Mini ElectroMagnetic Lock
FCL Electromagnetic Lock are available in 350lbs, 600lbs, 800lbs, and 1200lbs holding force.

FCL-60KG Mini Electromagnetic Lock is epoxy-less design provides a superior appearance with a plated or anodized finish on all sides. 

Product Introduction

Electromagnetic Lock

FCL-60KG Single Door Mini Electromagnetic Lock include one year warranty and are available in 350lbs, 600lbs,800lbs, and 1200lbs holding force. Compatible with any access control system, all series electromagnetic locks are adaptable to virtually any application utilizing Top Jamb or Glass Door mounting kits. The epoxy-less design provides a superior appearance with a plated or anodized finish on all sides.

The interlocking control pcb board mount assembly leaves hands free for wiring and securing of mounting screws.

Product Parameters

Input Voltage: DC12V / 24V

Current: 380mA

Holding Force: 65KG

Woking Temperature: 0-95%

Durable Design: Pass 500 thousand testing

Weight: 0.5kg

Size: 80*33*19mm

Suction Plate: 65X33X11mm

Applicable door:any 90ºangle open frame door.

Weight: 0.5KG

Installation Diagram:

ElectroMagnetic Lock Installation Diagram

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