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FC-3200M Split Water Controller
Split Water Controller FC-3200M is a kind of energy saving water controller which adopts controller, flowmeter and magnetic valve with separate design, so that it can realize electronic settlement and improve management efficiency of users.

FC-3200M Split Water Controller is designed by Guangzhou Fcard Electronics Co.,Ltd. The split water controller is use Mifare card as the payment way.

Product Introduction

Split Water Controller

In order to optimise and improve One Card Pass system,our company publish new products: water controller series. It have integrated and split types. The model are: FC-3500M integrated type water controller and FC-3200M Split water controller


FC-3200M Split Water Controller is designed by Guangzhou Fcard Electronics Co.,Ltd. The split water controller is use Mifare card as the payment way; designed separately with controller、flow meters and solenoid valve, customers can choose the suitable way according to the requires; it is suitable for public bathroom、dormitory bathroom etc, occasions; Easy to install and use, electronical and intelligent calculation mode; is the major component in the school and enterprise.

Product Parameters

Name: FC-3200M Split Water Controller

Working Voltage: DC9V-14.8V(Standard DC12V)

Working Current: <500mA(Split)

Operating Temperature: -5℃ to 45℃

Humidity: <95

Frequency of card reading: 13.56MHZ

Record Capacity: 10,000

Users Capacity: 26,000 blacklist or loss reported card

Type of reading: Mifare

Communication Way: RS485

Method of Charge: Timing/Flow/Times

Billing Accuracy: Minimun billing amount 0.01 yuan

Working Pressure: 0.02MPA-0.08MPA (Integrated)

Nozzle Diameter: DN15

Dimension:125mmL x 85mmW x 30mmH


Split Water Controller

Wiring Diagram:

Split Water Controller

Note: Please pay attention to the A wire and B wire,don't connect wrong, otherwise the system will be cannot communication.

Product System Structure:

Split Water Controller

The 4-core wire and gray wire connect the port of RS485,the blue wire connect the B port of RS485,then,put the RS485 insert to the computer,2-core wire connect with the electromagnetic valve,3-core wire connect with the flow meter.The red wire connect the positive of the 12V(DC) and black wire connect the negative of the 12V (DC). After wiring are all connected,power on the power adapter with 220V.


1. The split water controller is designed separately with controller、flow meters and solenoid valve.

2. LCD screen,can see the charging modes,operation status, using time.

3. Card reading and button switch two ways to control water, more humanize.

4. Open water after charge, prevent wasting water.

5. Have days limit and times limit function,can limit the daily limit and each times limit of the card.

6. The period of consumption with 64 groups can be set,e ach period have 4 times can be set, limit the access rights and use time.

7. The split water controller and cards validity can be set.

8. The way of record storage: alarm and cycle while full.

9. Support management of blacklist and loss reported card, convenience to users report the loss and prevent somebody who pick up the card consumed illegally.

10. Record the details of consumption,can search the bills,report the loss and reissued card.


Split Water Controller

Installation and Illustration:

Split Water Controller

Split water controller connected with software database:

Split Water Controller

Search the Split Water Controller by software, after that, click install.


Insert USB line to computer.(a few system need to install the driver);

Put the cardon the device

Open the software and recharge the IC card(it will sound “beep” if success and software will display “recharge success”; If failure, it will sound “beep..beep..beep..”and display “recharge failure”.

Pay by card:

Put the Mifare card which have charged insert to the device, then, it will charge and turn on water.It have “Operation Key” and “Pause Key”, if you want to stop, press “Pause Key”, it will stop charge and turn on water. And want to continuous, press “Operation Key”.

Record Gathering:

Split Water Controller

Split Water Controller Can operation by software while need to gathering the records,(software: device management- gathering the records ofconsumption- gathering the records),the record will save to SQL automatically, you can view and print the report at any time.

Other Illustration:

Device will be sound when power on and screen will display numbers with two lines:First line is the day valid(65535 refers to long-time valid),second line is the quantity of latest consumption records.

The screen will be displayed difference in different situation:

1)”Operation” in the screen will be always light while in operation status;If have card,”operation”will flash.Without card or press(pause key),”Stop”will flash.

2)It will alarm when device invalid ,voltage to high or to low,system record and card reading record are fully,screen just display “stop” and flashing,and the device sound continuously,at that time,device stop working.

3)The screen will display “stop” and flashing and sound “didi....didi....”while swipe blacklist card.

4)The screen will display”card balance” and “stop” and flashing when money didn’t enough.

5)The screen will display”amount of consumption” and “stop” and flashing when the money over than the daily limits and times limits.

6)The card didn’t in the period of consumption(including card invalid),screen will display”using time” and “stop” and flashing.


1. The connection direction must be right while connect the water pipes,if connect wrong,the system will cannot be used normally.

2. Must be used DC12V power supply,can not to use AC220V directly.

3. The range of working voltage is DC9V-DC14.8V,to high and to low will cause the device alarm and stop working.

4. DC12V power supply should be installed in the place where is easy to installed.Make a good waterproof and moisture-proof.

5. When the device connected with the computer by RS485,the gray wire of the device should be connected with the A of the converter,the blue wire should be connected with the B of converter.If A and B connected wrong,the system cannot be used normally.

6. Split Water Controller The device should be connected with the software and installed in it while using it.Then,the software can manage the device and the card send by software can use with the device.

7. Need to install and set up a database while using the software.

8. The device just support Mifare card,other card didn’t support.

9. When meet a trouble while swiping card,can make a judge according to compare the situation appeared with other illustrations.

10. Split Water Controller Use HD glass panel,difficult to scratch,but still prevent to hit with the heavy items.

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