What Should Be Avoid While The Bolt Lock Installed?
2016-11-08 16:10
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What Should Be Avoid While The Bolt Lock Installed?

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At present, it have Electric Bolt Lock、Electromagnetic Lock、Strike Lock、Electric Control Lock(Silent Lock and Electromechicnal Lock), but i just want to devide them into two types, 1、powered on to Locked(such as: Electric Bolt Lock、Electromagnetic Lock、NO type Strike Lock)  2、Powered to opened(such as: Electric Control Lock、NC type Strike Lock、Silent Lock and Electromechicnal Lock, The first type is powered to locked the door, second type is powered to opened the door.

Following is they are voltage and current:

1、Electric Bolt Lock(mostly): DC12V voltage;Lock current: 0.6-1A;working current:0.3-0.6A.

2、Electromagnetic Lock(mostly): DC12V voltage; Lock current: 0.3-0.6A;working current:0.3-0.6A.

3、Strike Lock(mostly): DC12V voltage; Lock current: 0.2-0.6A;working current:0.2-0.6A.

4、Electric Control Lock(mostly): DC12V voltage; Lock current: 1-2A;working current:1-2A.

When installed lock, you should be careful to:

1、We suggest to use the 2-core power cables, the cable area more than 1mm. If more than 50m, please use the thicker cables or use many cables together, Longest please didn't above 100m.

2、The types of Electric Control Lock should be adjust the open delay time into <=1s.(delay time too long will cause electric lock fever or burned) 

3、Different electric locks have different connection way, please avoiding to connected wrong with NC and NO.

4、The cable too long or power didn't enough will cause the eletric locks didn't used normally.

5、Some locks need to distinguish positive and negative, please connecting them according to the user manual.

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