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FC-2866M 16 Floors Offline Lift Access Board
FC-2866 Offline lift access board can control 16 floors, 60,000 black and 130,000 white list event logs, support 12V or 24V operating voltage, 1 fire alarm input, 1 temperature sensor, voltage sensor group 1, group WG26 Access Reader , one set of RS485 communication, support for infrared remote control programming. Voltage and current DC12V <1500mA. Size: 160 × 130 × 20mm

FC-2866M Offline lift access board is for elevator hierarchical control, personnel access control down the elevator to meet various people building the business management company within the building and out of the elevator, more efficient and safer management.

Product Introduction

Lift Access Board

FC-2866 Offline Lift Access Board

FC-2866 Offline Lift Access Board for an elevator hierarchical control, personnel access control down the elevator to meet various people building the business management company within the building and out of the elevator, more efficient and safer management. Identity for different people, with different floor privileges, you can specify that certain people only go to certain floors, some people can not go to certain floors. The FC-2866M Offline Lift Access Board enables network management, standalone elevator control, remote control etc. Built-in large memory support 130,000 records and 60,000 black and white list, the machine card issuers write off mode, the number of registered personnel unrestricted.

Note: If you use your computer management, please refer to the software manual "standalone elevator" which part of the contents of the detailed software operation.

Product Parameters

Name: FC-2866 Offline Lift Access Board

Working Voltage: DC12V/500MA

Reading Distance: 0-6cm

Temperature/Humidity: 5℃ to 55℃/20~95%

Reading Frequency: 13.56Mhz

Netwoking: RS485

Size: 158*130*18mm

User Capacity: 60,000 blacklist (offline issue card、user unlimited)

Support Card: Two generation ID card, residence card, Mifare card and CPU card;

Record Capacity: 130,000 records (100,000 reading record、10,000 remote control record、10,000 alarm record、10,000 system record)

Support 1 group reading antenna、IR programmer、16 groups unlock relay output normal opened/normal closed、1 group WG reader port、1 group fire alarm input、1 group RS485 communication port.

Wiring Diagram:

Lift Access Board

Enter Management Status

Operation: Type * + manage passwords + #

management default password: 1234

Exit Management Status

Operation: Enter *

Note: Exit the management status in the management status, type * when, if it is in a lower state of order management operations, the need to exit management status, type **. In managing the status light flashes, quit work after management status light turns long bright.

NOTE: The following commands are only valid under the administration state.

Registration Password Registration Card

Enter card number to register: Operation method: Type 1 0 + # + card number + #,and then enter the x # x # x ## (x indicates floor number, press # after the floor again to confirm input) EG: Type 1 0 # 12345678 #, then 1 # 2 # 3 ## (previous express card number 12345678, followed by 1 # 2 # 3 ## represents an open one layer, layer 2, layer 3)

Read card to register: Operation method: Type 2 0 + # + swipe the card,hen type x # x # x ## (x indicates floor number, enter the finished floor again to confirm press #)

EG: Enter 2 0 # swipe the card ,then 1 # 2 # 3 ## represented just brush the card can open one layer, two layers, three layers.

Self serial number card registration: Operation method: Type 2 1 + # + reader + # +since the 3rd ID,(x indicates floor number, # again after the floor number, floor input completed) Note: A self number may correspond multiple cards.

EG: Enter 2 1 # swipe the card, then enter 101 # 1 # 2 # 3 ## represented just brush the card can open one layer, two layers, three layers, and this number is set to 101 cards

Continuous registration card by floor: Operation method: Type 2 9 + # x # x # x ## + reader, (x indicates floor number, sequential read multiple cards can add card, after completion means that you can open in front of the reader input x floor)

Deletion Card And Password

Swipe card to delete method: Operation method: Type 3 0 + # + swipe the card

Note: This method can continuously delete multiple registered cards. such as stop 10 seconds in the reader, the program will automatically exit management status.

Card number to delete card method: Operation method: Type 3 1 + # + 8 digit card number

Note: For example: If the card number is "0012345678", just enter "12345678" to delete the card.

Self serial number card deletion method: Operation method: Type 3 2 + # + 3 digitself serial number + #

Note: After the operation is successful, the corresponding 3 digit self serial number card will be deleted.

Delete all open registration data: Operation method: Type 4 0 + #

Note: This command deletes the use of the remote control plus a card and a password, as well as through computer networking plus card and password, but the way by writing to the card issued by the card issuer can not be deleted.

Report The Loss card, Operating Blacklist

eport the loss of card operation: Operation method: Type 1 3 + # + card number + #

EG: Type 1 3 # 12345678 #This command indicates that the card number of the card 12345678 is set to report the loss card.

Blacklist Operation: Operation method: Type 1 4 + # + card number + #

EG: Type 1 4 # 12345678 # This command indicates that the card number 12345678 of the card is set to blacklist cards.

Function Setting

Modify remote administration password: Action: Type 6 0 + # + 4-8 digit new password + # + re-enter new password + #

Note:When replacing the new administrative password, you need to confirm your new password twice, when you enter, twice as a group should otherwise unsuccessful.

Restore factory setting: Action: Type 7 0 + #

Note: After entering the elevator control panel automatically restores all parameters to factory settings, all registered card will be deleted.

Parameter Action: Operation method: Enter 9 8 + # + to set or + read master card + reader reading settings.

Note: When the reader to import data, setting card can not leave the reader position.

Opening And Closing Command

Close all the cards to open the door+automatic registration: Operation: Type 8 1 + #

Note: Enter 485 mode will be enabled. (Default on)

Close all the cards to open the door+automatic registration: Operation: Type 8 2 + #

Note: After you enter will close 485 mode.

Enable all card door: Operation: Type 8 5 + #

Note: this function enabled, read all the cards can open the door

Enable all card door+Automatic registration: Operation: Type 8 6 + # Note: this function enabled, read all the cards can open the door, if it is not registered cards will also be registered, and then open the door.

Structure Diagram:

Compatible with FCARD one card management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Access Control & Time Attendance, Guard Tour, Canteen POS System, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card management system with one card and one database.

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