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2016-12-14 12:32

Our independent research and development department has designed FCARD3500T card management system, FCARD5000T consumption management system and FCARD2000 Patrol management system. Since we launched of them to the market, our product are very popular in wholesaler, dealers and users. At present, our research and development department has optimized the FCARD3500T card management system and FCARD5000T consumption management system. They can fully use in the same database, data can be shared between each other which provide users with a more efficient and faster management platform.

In recent years, more and more people want to custom their software, so we decided to provide free OEM service with the customers who willing to cooperate with us, including FCARD3500T card management system and FCARD5000T consumption system. Customers use our OEM management software and software-related information are including contact information, software name, version number, hardware model and software icons,etc. All of custom information content not only enhance their corporate image,but also protect the vital interests of the customers.




We provide OEM packaging services for our partners (for free)

OEM required information:

1. The software title: (such as: FCARD3500T card management system)

2. The software model: (such as: FCARD3500T)

3. The company name: (such as: Guangzhou FCARD Electronics Co., Ltd.)

4. The company name for short: (such as: FCARD Electronics, FCARD)

5. English name: (such as: Guangzhou FCARD Electronics Co., Ltd.)

6. Tel: (For example: + 86-020-61006535)

7. E-mail: (such as: 2880150911@QQ.COM)

8. The company address: (such as: Tianhe Road, Guangzhou City, Long Building, Building A2, 18th Floor)

9. The company Web site: (such as: HTTP: //WWWGZFCARD.COM)

10. The software description: (such as: their own editing, 300 words)

11. The database name: (such as: FCARD3500)

12. Please choose your system used in which projects (such as: office, community, prison, schools, we package will default for this mode)

In addition to the above of the OEM standardization , we can also provide the customers with in-depth ODM design services, can be together with: icons, product models, background pictures, and so on. If you need, please contact our product sales staff.

Please prepare the item above, and then submitted to our sales staff, let him help you to complete the follow-up work.

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