FCARD software upgrade and optimization notice
2020-12-01 17:24

After 6 months, Fcard Electronic Technology Department has completed a new round of upgrading and optimizing the software and hardware of series products. The specific content is as follows:

FCARD3500T one card pass management system:

(Login interface of FCARD3500T one card pass management system)

1. Fix the bug that the fingerprint access controller and face recognition access controller will report errors when all personnel are re-uploaded.

2. Modify the attributes of the face access controller: increase the card reading interval, illegal verification alarm, blacklist alarm, body temperature display switch, and short message.

3. In the modification of the attendance analysis, if the card is not swiped, it is considered as one absenteeism and one day absence.

4. Modify the personnel file and add the function of collecting photos from the device.

5. The bug that the electronic map can not be recorded when the electronic map is modified.

6. Solve the problem of photo rotation.

7. Modify from the card management, the face recognition access controller will report an error when uploading access level.

8. Modify the camera interface in the personnel database to support a USB camera with a resolution of 640*480.

9. Added to the personnel file: add and cancel the blacklist function.

10. Add the administrator setting interface in the properties of the fingerprint access controller and the face recognition access controller.

11. Added: Export photos of personnel.

12. Upgrade the blacklist and the logic after cancellation.

13. Increase: The number of people in the region is not counted by person, but the number of people is counted by swiping card.

14. The record report is added: export records with photos.

15. When the personnel information is exported, it supports checking, and you can select part or all of it.

16. Added: access control access level authorization log.

17. Personnel information addition: When the job number is repeated, it will be prompted to repeat, and it will no longer be automatically re-allocated.

18. Optimize record export and printing.

19. The electronic map is added: print the door overtime alarm message.

20. Increased access records: export and print face access controller reports.

21. Optimize the storage method of monitoring messages and modify the value transmission method of the monitoring window.

22. Optimize the communication mode of the electronic map and the subsidiary sub-processes to TCP, modify the electronic map: take photos and video recording functions.

23. Added: face access controller tcpserver mode monitoring.

24. Optimize the face detection module to be Opencv's own detection module.

25. Optimize the strategy of personnel information and photo face detection.

26. Added: elevator access level group function.

27. Increase the log of the elevator group.

28. Logs are added to the elevator module.

29. It can be set to not require a password when opening the door remotely.

FCARD Cloud System:

(Main interface)

1. Add: Regional function of data storage server.

2. Add: Purchase space record page.

3. Optimize paging issues such as set account review, activation, and suspension.

4. Add account review, activation, suspension, etc., which can be searched by mobile phone number.

5. Optimize access control management attributes and modify access control attributes and functions.

6. Optimize the state of the access control alarm center to solve the problem that the alarm information sometimes does not return.

7. Modify the alarm function. (Fire alarm, bandit alarm, temper alarm, etc. real-time alarm status)

8. Modify the door-opening access level table of the door-opening access level, access level group management and personnel access level group, and correct the real-time upload status of personnel.

9. Modify UI prompts such as door opening holding time and timing door opening in other functions of the access control.

10. Add area management, area interlock, area anti-passback, and verification-free function pages in other functions of access control; add LED monitoring page.

11. When modifying the access control report, the distinction between access control alarm records and access control system records.

12. Add attendance screening component in attendance staff, modify the jam problem caused by selecting a large number of people.

13. Modify the lag problem caused by a large amount of manual scheduling data in the scheduling management.

14. Modify the leave, transfer, shift, business trip, and overtime in the manual registration of attendance, the personnel selection component in the make-up check-in card, modify the large amount of data of the selected personnel to cause the problem of webpage stuck.

15. Modify the daily report, monthly report, and monthly report of the attendance report to add two different table formats.

16. Modify the websocket link problem of all websock pages used by the guard tour device to prevent opening multiple websocks.

17. Add system management official account binding, QR code, and add new pages such as personnel file review.

18. Modify the issue of waiting for space order payment.

19. Separate the system log and operation log pages.

20. Modify the login page and forget the password, add the phone number to retrieve the password.

21. Add a forgotten account mobile phone number to retrieve it.

22. Modify the registered mobile phone number for internationalization, and return to the login page after successful modification and registration.

23. Modify the iframe nesting of the personnel page.

Mobile APP:

(Main interface)

24. Modify all device status information of access control management access control device, modify access control information attributes.

25. Modify remote door opening status and operation.

26. Modify the real-time status of the alarm function and alarm status information.

27. Modify the real-time status of the alarm center.

28. Modify access control management and access control status.

29. Add area interlocking, area anti-sneak-back, and verification-free pages with other functions of access control.

30. Modify the visitor authorization of the visitor management, delete the visitor access level group, and modify the upload picture component.

31. Add a visitor record page.

32. Add a visitor approval page.

WeChat Mini Program:

(Personal Information Interface)

33. Modify the QR code to refresh locally, the QR code is not obtained from the server.

34. Modify the shared QR code to automatically match the size of the phone.

35. Modification of the remote door opening device status update is not timely.

36. Modify the visitor authorization page, delete the access level group, modify the person's profile picture, and upload the person's information.

37. Rewrite the profile page.

38. Add the QR code display of the applet that cannot be logged in after the network is disconnected, to ensure that the QR code of the user is refreshed in time.

39. Supported access controllers: (FC-89H series, MC-59T series).

40. Optimize and upgrade the compatible environment temperature -40℃ to 75℃ working temperature.

41. Optimize and modify the clock bug.

42. Optimized and compatible with gigabit switches.

43. Strengthen the encryption protection mechanism.

44. Optimize the working mode with fingerprint and face.

Cloud guest system:

(login interface)

45. Modify the homepage visitor registration method.

46. Update the visitor reservation mobile phone registration page.

47. Modify the visitor appointment page, add approval and pending approval.

48. Modify the visitor page approval operation and page UI.

49. Modify the access control elevator access level management and add elevator and access control methods.

50. Modify printing parameters and add reference templates for printing styles.

Face recognition access controller:

(Face recognition access controller combination diagram)

1. Optimized to be compatible with poor quality photos.

2. Optimize the recognition speed and speed up by 23%.

3. Optimize the function of identifying fake photos and opening the door by mobile phone.

4. Added support for Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Thai.

5. Optimized to reduce the power consumption by 60%, so as to eliminate the thermal problem of the face recognition access controller. (software and hardware)

6. Optimize photo submission speed and save 60% of time

7. Add face + password function.

8. Optimize the brightness of the fill light.

9. Add TCP communication mode to the original UDP communication mode, which is dual compatible.

10. Solve the problem of easy disconnection under the cloud system.

11. Change the short-distance recognition from 0.3 meters to 0.6 meters.

12. Optimize the ISP automatic white balance function.

13. Enhanced ESD interface protection for all series of face recognition acess controllers.

14. Optimize the accuracy of face temperature measurement, and the error of detecting body temperature is smaller.

Fingerprint access controller:

(Fingerprint access controller combination diagram)

1. Add the communication icon display switch, you can not display the communication icon as needed.

2. Set the access type, the corresponding fingerprint reader also corresponds to switch the access type.

3. Optimize the speed of fingerprint recognition.

4. Strengthen the anti-infection ESD protection for each hardware interface.

5. Add fingerprint elevator function. (Add the elevator relay board, you can simply realize the fingerprint elevator function.)

6. Optimize data security protection.


FC-S02E/M: Optimization and upgrading support -40℃ to 70℃ working temperature.

FC-R10M long range card reader, optimized to add support: Mifare card, NFC card.

The FC-180E/M card reader has been improved to deal with the problems found in the first generation, and mass production has been resumed one after another.

The FC-532E card reader module optimizes the problem of continuous card reading and changes the card to read-only once.

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