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· FCARD3500 Software Operation Manual2018-09-08

· The one card pass management system Ver6.30.5 software is lost, why can't I find it on the official website. Is Ver6.92 the same?2018-08-30

· How to install SQL2014 version2018-04-12

· How to install SQL2005 database?2018-04-12

· MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Installation Guide (New Installation)2018-01-18

· FCARD3500T Ver6.67 guest system software pop-up error2017-11-30

· Card reader output format setting software2017-11-30

· Can FCRAD2000T guard tour software import check points in batches?2017-11-30

· After the consumption machine is set to the subsidized machine mode, it will not work to reinstall and restore the default value of the consumption machine, how to restore the origi...2017-11-30

· FCARD3500 Ver 6.80 How to enable software voice2017-11-30

· Is the micro-farming access card software common to your company's FCARD3500T software?2017-11-30

· FCARD3500T one card pass management software cannot enter the door by swiping card2017-11-30

· An error occurred in the old version of FCARD3500T2017-11-30

· FCARD3000T registration code2017-11-30

· After using the FCARD3500T software for a period of time, the software reports an error and cannot log in. The database ACCESS, how to solve it?2017-11-30

· After installing FCARD3500T one card pass management software, the hotel lock software of the customer cannot open the card.2017-11-30

· FCARD3500T software uses SQL database to log in to the software to report an error, and the software to query the credit card record also reports an error2017-11-30

· Can FCARD3500T software be used in combination with access control and guard tour?2017-11-30

· FCARD3500T has an error when using the old version of the software2017-11-30

· Can the cameras of Haikang and Dahua be compatible with your company’s FCARD3500T software? Do you have any requirements for the pixels of the camera?2017-11-29

· Multi-door interlock (two doors control board) is set in the FCARD3500T software, and only one door can be passed through, and the card of the two doors displays "Door refused to o...2017-11-29

· Multi-door interlock (two doors control board) is set in the FCARD3500T software, and only one door can be passed through, and the card of the two doors displays "Door refused to o...2017-11-29

· The FCRAD3500T one card pass management software cannot be opened, and the software prompts an application error, click OK to terminate the program, how can the problem be solved?2017-11-29

· In FCARD3500T, the door cannot be opened when entering the door by swiping the card, the data monitoring does not display, and the exit is normal2017-11-29

· How to release the anti-detection lock of FCARD3500T2017-11-29

· When FCARD3500T collects records, one of the doors says that the network connection is lost. What should I do here?2017-11-29

· With Wiegand 26 connection, the door cannot be opened after the FCARD3500T authorized card is swiped, what's the matter?2017-11-29

· In the attendance report in the FCARD3500T software, for newly recruited personnel, such as the 10th, the attendance records before the 10th shows absenteeism, can the attendance re...2017-11-29

· Can the attendance shifts in FCRRD3500T software be set from today to tomorrow?2017-11-29

· Customizing to add personnel information fields2017-10-14

· How to delete the card number of FCARD3500 access control software2017-09-25

· The FC-2080E guard tour system operation problem?2017-08-16

· How to connect the FC3500 software announcement to the outdoor LED display and display the announcement content simultaneously2017-07-22

· How to set three-shift attendance on FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How to set remote door opening on FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How does FCARD3500 software set the time of going out2017-07-05

· How to set the interval of repeated card reading in FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How to set the card reader + password to open the door with FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How does FCARD3500 software enable the fire alarm function?2017-07-05

· How to enable FCARD3500 door sensor alarm2017-07-05

· How to set the door sensor alarm with FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How do I enable keyboard issuance on FCARD3500 software?2017-07-05

· How does FCARD3500 software check the number of people in the door2017-07-05

· How to add and install device with FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· FCARD3500T How to modify and add department teaching video2017-07-05

· How to check the check-in record of FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· How does FCARD3500 calibrate device time2017-07-05

· How to modify the setting of unlock delay in FCARD3500 software2017-07-05

· FCARD3500T open time setting problem2017-07-05

· How to set the communication password of FCARD3500T control board2017-07-05

· FCARD3500 soft data backup storage path2017-07-05

· How does FCARD3500 software automatically log in to data monitoring2017-07-05

· Add and modify the installation location of FCARD3500T device2017-07-05

· How to set attendance in FCARD35002017-07-05

· How does the FCARD3500 software check which functions are enabled?2017-07-05

· How to set the shift of attendance on FCARD access control board2017-06-02

· How to set FCARD to open the door overtime alarm prompt2017-06-02

· Hello, how does FCARD3500 automatically search and install access control into the software2017-06-02

· Can FCARD3500T batch import personnel data?2017-06-02

· How does FCARD3500T delete a person and prevent him from opening the door2017-06-02

· FCARD3500T how to add people and how to set the door to open2017-06-02

· How to change the background image of your FCARD3500T?2017-06-02

· Hello, we have too much data and too messy, want to clear some data2017-06-02

· How to backup your FCARD3500 database? SQL data backup2017-06-02

· How does FCARD3500T backup ACCESS database2017-06-02

· How to establish a dedicated administrator for FCARD3500T2017-06-02

· FCARD3500T create and set SQL database, link and use this database2017-06-02

· FC-8920A is configured to TCP mixed mode problem2017-04-26

· The business card shows that the network connection failed when uploading2017-03-18

· Are the captured pictures and videos stored on the computer?2017-03-10

· Can the 3500T one card pass management software enable the normally closed function remotely2017-02-26

· Management module of 3500T one card pass management software2017-02-26

· 3500T software upgrade problem2017-02-26

· What is the function of "communication password" in 3500T one card pass management software2017-02-26

· 3500T one card pass management software, how to set and extract attendance reports2017-02-26

· Can the 3500T one card pass management software turn off the alarm prompt remotely2017-02-26

· Which devices does the 3500T one card pass management software support?2017-02-26

· Which operating systems does FCARD3500 one card pass management software support?2017-02-26

· Can the central fingerprint access controller be managed by your software2017-02-23

· How to check the access records of your FC-1882M offline access controller?2017-02-20

· Operation of offline management software2017-02-19

· Realization of anti-tailing and anti-passback function2017-02-19

· Realization of multi-door interlocking function2017-02-19

· The composition of high-end access control board voice library2017-02-19

· Access controller door open overtime reminder function2017-02-14

· After the consumption software is installed, opening the software prompts an error2017-01-18

· About The Access Control System Management Software2016-12-22

· How to solve the software have expired tips?2016-12-22

· What Is The Difference After Update Controller’s Remote Control?2016-12-22

· FCARD3500T Support SQL Database?2016-12-22

· What is The Requirement Of FCARD3500T Software To The Computer?2016-12-22

· How To Add Cards Quickly And Open The Door By Empowered For FCARD3500T 2016-12-22

· How to quickly add people and authorization in FCARD3500T one card pass management system2016-11-09

· FCARD3500T one card pass management system software requirements for computers2016-11-09

· Does FCARD3500T support SQL database2016-11-09

· What is the upgrade content of the controller remote upgrade? How to remotely?2016-11-09

· Prompt that the software expires, how to solve it?2016-11-09

· About Smart One Card Pass Management System2016-11-08

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