FCARD3500T Software System Upgrade
2020-11-19 17:50

FCARD3500T Software System Upgrade

After accumulating customer demand for 3 months, our company has upgraded the FCARD3500T one card pass management system and FCARD5000T consumption management system. After the upgrade, the system changes are as follows:

FCARD3500T Ver6.92 One Card Pass Management System Upgrade and Changes

1. Add the function of access control access level group

2. Add countdown and countdown functions to the LED announcement screen

3. Add form mode to LED announcement screen

4. Optimize the data loading algorithm of the personnel module to improve data security and acquisition speed (import personnel, delete data, load lists, delete cards)

5. Optimize the speed of uploading access control access level

6. Optimize the algorithm of authorized personnel access level

7. Add the function of automatically checking the time format and number format at startup, and the non-compliant format will be prompted

8. The guest software adds thermal printer support

9. The card number QR code generation function is added, which can support our company's newly launched QR code reader (the data of other brands of QR codes are also basically compatible)

10. Relative information and license plate number information have been added to the personnel file

11. Update the driver of the central control fingerprint device to V5.0, support to the latest central control fingerprint device, Win10 64-bit system is available

12. Added personnel photo information prompt function in data monitoring

13. Fixed the bug that the elevator access control attribute cannot be closed when the elevator is offline

14. Fixed a bug that could not be used in the card issuing access control software in the consumer system

15. Upgrade the encryption tools of offline series access control, offline elevator, consumer machine and water controller Mifare card, CPU card, support automatic synchronization one card pass system and consumer system consistent, avoiding the problems caused by the different encryption methods of the two systems.

16. Developed a management function for opening and disabling the control card for offline access control, offline elevator, consumer machine and water controller.

FCARD5000T Ver7.17 Consumer Management System Upgrade and Changes

1. Optimize the data synchronization security of the consumer system and the FCARD3500T one card pass system

2. Optimized the online subsidy function of the consumer system

3. Optimized the offline subsidy function of the consumer system

4. Optimized the bug that occurred when the personnel of the consumer system reached 50,000

5. Upgraded the Mifare card and CPU card encryption tools, and synchronized the password consistency with the FCARD3500T system.

6. Optimized the secondary packaging tool that comes with the consumer system to support customers' own OEM packaging into their own brand

7. Added, a brand-new consumer machine and water controller control card to turn on and off tools.

8. The compatibility issue of upgrading the consumer system to be compatible with the new reader.

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